Chai Flaxseed Pancakes⁣

Chai Flaxseed Pancakes⁣


Some days, you just wake up craving a warm stack of fluffy pancakes, and these are just the ticket to take your pancake game from "okay" to "oh yeah" with the addition of just a few special ingredients.


1 cup quick pancake mix⁣

1 teaspoon flax seeds⁣

1 teaspoon chai spice⁣


1 cup water⁣


2 tablespoons yogurt⁣

Yumbutter Almond Butter syrup drizzle (1 tablespoon melted Yumbutter No Sugar Added almond butter + 1/4 cup maple syrup)⁣

Banana slices⁣



Add flax seeds, chai spice, and cinnamon to pancake mix. Add water and stir well. Cook pancakes on a griddle or pan until golden brown, then top with yogurt, almond butter syrup drizzle, and banana slices.

Via Robin Plotnik / @whatrobineats

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