That’s why we started Yumbutter. 

When we launched Yumbutter our goal was to become one of the most responsible companies on the planet. Now, many years later, we’re proud to lead the nut butter category in impact and innovation. Our B Corporation certification shows that we walk the walk.

We’ve continuously pushed the boundaries of the food we make for you and how we run our company. It’s unusual but unusual is how it all started.

The Founding

In 2010, Matt D’Amour and Adrian Reif set out to change the world through nut butters. Adrian had his epiphany while hiking toward Mt. Everest Base Camp when he sprinkled a blend of spices on his boring routine of peanut butter and crackers. Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Matt was busy transforming his life and the lives of his holistic coaching clients through food. He whipped up next level concoctions from sprouted nuts and seeds and superfoods in his home.

Once the Universe brought them together in the same cafe (for three hours while a mutual distributor was late), they bonded over their insatiable desire to nourish the world. And stacking rocks. They joined forces.

With amazing foods waiting to nourish the world, what could stop them? Well, for one thing, they didn’t exactly know how to run a food business.

So they did what they did best. They hustled. 4 or 5 farmers' markets per week for several years. They built out their own kitchen. They knocked on grocery store doors and didn’t take no for an answer (well, only half the time).

They woke up every day excited to share their foods with the world. No matter if the dishwasher flooded overnight. Or distributors flubbed orders. Or cash flow was a trickle. 

They slowly won the heart of their hometown, Madison, WI, who supported them while they expanded across the country. 

Every step of the way they worked to keep the company rooted in their #1 goal — be the most holistic, responsible company out there.

Today, the spirit of compassion and gratitude fill the Yumbutter jars and pouches right alongside those creamy nuts and superfoods.