We partner closely with local and international non-profits to provide meals and holistic care to malnourished children and their parents. 



Our international partner is Primeros Pasos in Xela Guatemala, which was founded in 2003 by a medical student who saw the need for medical care for impoverished and malnourished rural Guatemalans. Our support goes toward their Nutrition Program. The aim of the program is to educate community members on preventative health practices and provide parents with the practical knowledge and tools to maintain healthy, hygienic homes. Topics covered include:  school snacks, hygiene and food handling, hand washing and teeth brushing, breastfeeding, importance of vaccination and supplementation, diabetes and family planning. The health education is tailored specifically to the rural communities and addresses the infrastructural obstacles to healthy living including lack of nutritious food, unreliable transportation and poor water quality.

Learn more about Primeros Pasos here >


The foodbank began working with local hunger-relief agencies in 1986. Its mission is ending hunger in 16 southwestern Wisconsin counties through food distribution to its partner agencies, promotion of outside food assistance programs like FoodShare, helping the healthcare community make the connection between food insecurity and their patient’s symptoms, and raising awareness of hunger. As southwestern Wisconsin’s largest hunger-relief charity it meets nearly one million requests for help each year. To date, Yumbutter and Tribe 9 Foods have provided over 10,000 meals to food-insecure households through a combination of food and volunteer time.

To learn more about Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin, please visit here >


One of our beliefs is "if we won't, who will?" Well, let's do it!

Enjoy Yumbutter and tell a friend. Yep, that's it – we take care of the rest. The BuyOne:Help Nourish a Child in Need approach is a unique model that allows folks who want to do good make a difference, even if they don't always have the time to donate or research. This allows you to make the difference you seek with a simple purchase you were going to make anyway. 

The result: you get yummy deliciousness, a child is fed, and we get to grow our company to positively improve people's lives on a large scale. It's part of our business model that shines on the world; we call it Holistic Responsibility.