Cinnamon Apple Cashew Butter Toast

Cinnamon Apple Cashew Butter Toast

Toast may be the oldest, simplest breakfast in the book, but don't sell it short! It's one of the most versatile choices for sweet and savory snack lovers alike, and this upgraded Cinnamon Apple Cashew Butter Toast has a little something for everyone.


Cocobakes sourdough

Chevoolife black truffle goat cheese or goat cheese/non-dairy spread of choice

Sauteed cinnamon apple slices

Yumbutter Cashew Butter

Hemp hearts


Toast sourdough, saute apple slices with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and layer all toppings on your toasted bread. Enjoy!

@cocobakes toasted sourdough, @chevoolife black truffle goat cheese, sautéed cinnamon apple slices, @yumbutter cashew butter, and hemp hearts. I could retire from toasting after this slice but y’all know I can’t do that, but that’s how good it was! 🤤 🍎”⁣

Via Robin Plotnik / @whatrobineats

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