What is “Yumbutter”?

Yummy stuff + nut & seed butter + love.



How long does Yumbutter last? Do i need to refrigerate my beautiful Yumbutter? 

Yumbutter has a year-long shelf life. After that point, it remains safe to eat for another year, but you might notice a slight change in flavor! Make sure to knead and squeeze the YumbutterGO pouches, as natural oil separation may occur, and because it's a great forearm strengthener.

Refrigeration is not necessary. Yumbutter will last for several months without refrigeration. Do store it out of direct sunlight and in a cool place, if possible.

That said, refrigeration will help Yumbutter keep even longer! It will also keep some of the natural oils from rising to the top. Many of the potions remain creamy even while refrigerated. Experiment and see what works for you!



Why is Yumbutter so good?

Glad you asked. We make Yumbutter in teeny-batches, which means we are making it fresh as often as possible. Fresh always tastes better. Period. We only use simple, wholesome, and yummy ingredients—no artificial junk. Finally, we craft it with love. Infinite love. When we’re so happy to be doing what we’re doing, it flows into how we do it.



My tongue doesn’t reach the bottom of the jar—what should I do? 

There are a few tongue stretching exercises we can recommend. Disappointingly, a second option is to use a spoon or finger to get to every last morsel.



Why the added sugar?

A) We use a small amount of organic coconut palm sugar in our Superfood Almond Butter, Superfood Peanut Butter, and Superfood Sunflower Butter. Coconut palm sugar is the lowest glycemic sweetener available, as well as the most nutrient dense. After a series of trial runs, we've found that this makes our food taste better, while keeping it nutritious!

To learn more about the nutritional benefits of Coconut palm sugar, here’s a Comprehensive Website.

In addition, you can take a look at where it lies on the Glycemic Index: Low glycemic verified: GI 35.

B) We use organic cane sugar in our Cran&Coco potion only. 

C) Our Spicy Thai, Creamy Almond Butter, and Creamy Peanut Butter are all sugar free!



Is Yumbutter Non-GMO?  

All of our potions are Non-GMO! And since everything but our almonds are certified organic, everything we sell is non-GMO by default.



Why aren't the almonds organic?  

The reason that everything but our almonds are organic is due to several factors: 

A) Organic almonds are currently extremely expensive. If we used them, which we'd love to, our almond butter would be out of reach to many of our fans. 

B) California's drought is putting organic almonds at an especially high premium. 

C) The U.S. organic almond supply is currently relatively small. 

We always have our eyes open for a more reasonable organic option, and truly hope to be all organic soon! We still choose suppliers based on those that share our values, and while our almond suppliers are not certified organic, they have business values that we feel good about standing behind. 



Better yet, why isn't the LOVE organic?

While all of our love is technically organic, we found that there is not an organic love certification process in place at this time! As soon as one pops up, you better believe we'll be the first ones in line. 



Where is Yumbutter made?  

Depending on what you buy, our Yumbutter is made in two different places. If you purchase our Creamy Almond Butter, Creamy Peanut Butter, Spicy Thai, or Cran&Coco, it’s made in Mineral Point, WI at Innovation Kitchen, a state-inspected commercial kitchen owned and operated by a center supporting people with disabilities.

If you buy any of our Superfood GO pouches or jars, it’s made by one of three different organic, GMP and HACCP certified facilities in central California.



Why did only oil come out when I squeezed my YumbutterGO?   

Nut butter separates naturally, and if it’s been in one place for awhile, it needs a lot of love to go back to the smooth perfection that it should be! Be sure to give your YumbutterGO a good knead and squeeze before cracking it open. One minute works best. Two minutes if you’re really stressed. :)



Why the pouches? 

We believe that the pouches provide a way for people to enjoy nut butter (a mouth rockin’, nutrient dense, and versatile food), anywhere their lives take them! You can take YumbutterGO camping without worrying about glass breaking, on a road trip without worrying about making a mess, or to the gym without worrying about having to pack anything else to facilitate the package to mouth process. It truly does go where you go!



I ordered my Yumbutter over a week ago, and it still isn't here! What do I do?  

Just email BeHappy@yumbutter.com and we can check on your order for you.



Can I order Yumbutter if I don't live in the United States?  

Alas, you cannot. We only ship to the continental United States, although we do sell in a few stores in Hawaii. See our Store Locator Map for more details.



Wow, your Superfood nut butters have a lot of Vitamin C. What makes the percentage so high?    

Our Superfood potions are packed with foods like Goji Berries and Lucuma, both of which are packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants. And since we have an incredibly high superfood to nut butter ratio, the daily vitamin values are through the roof as well!



I'm a big fan of Yumbutter. I believe our values match up, and would love to write a review. How can I do that? 

Just fill out this form Right Here. We'll be in touch within the week!