What Nut Butters Are Paleo? A Guide to Yumbutter's Potions

What Nut Butters Are Paleo? A Guide to Yumbutter's Potions
If you follow a paleo lifestyle, the conflicting information on what nut butters are allowed and not allowed can be confusing. And with new varieties of nut butter coming out regularly, it's no longer just a question of peanut butter vs. almond butter. So what nut butters are paleo? What ingredients are in Yumbutter's potions? Let's explore your options!

Non-seed/Nut Ingredients

All of our potions include ingredients beyond nuts, but luckily, almost all of them are paleo! Rather than refined sugar, we use coconut sugar, which is paleo-approved since it comes from a plant. Same goes for our sustainable palm oil. The hemp seeds and chia seeds found in our superfood potions are allowed in moderate amounts for paleo-eaters, and goji berries are also a go!

Almond Butter

Well-known in the paleo community, almond butter is a good go-to if you're paleo. Almonds and other nuts are encouraged as sources of healthy fats and protein.

Sunflower Seed Butter

Seeds also get the paleo seal of approval in moderate amounts, which means sunflower seed butter is good to go! Just don't go eating the entire pouch at once :)

Cashew Butter

Like almonds, cashews are also allowed in moderation on the paleo diet.

Plant Protein + Probiotic Almond Butter

This one is a little more murky. Although almonds are approved, some paleo folks prefer to avoid processed protein powders altogether. But if your body can't tolerate certain whole food proteins or you need another protein source, your best bet is a sprouted, plant-based protein with as few artificially processed ingredients as possible. Our Protein + Probiotic Almond Butter uses sprouted brown rice protein to increase the bioavailability of the protein and nutrients in the brown rice. So if you're not trying to avoid protein powders altogether, this can still be a good option. Yes, that means our Peanut Butter and Chocolate Espresso PB are both no-gos. Since peanuts are technically legumes - which are typically excluded from a paleo diet - peanut butter is the one potion we offer that's strictly off limits for paleo. Luckily, with so many other options available, you might not even miss it! You can always check out our potion pages to see the ingredient labels for each nut butter or check out our ingredients page to learn more about what's in our pouches!

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