BuyOne|FeedOne Primeros Pasos Update

As you've helped Yumbutter  grow over the past couple years, you've also helped grow the reach of the incredible organization we partner with in Guatemala - Primeros Pasos.   Primeros Pasos focuses on providing education, nutrition, and healthcare services in Guatemala, with a focus on providing health and nutrition education to mothers and children in underserved communities. In the last 3 months, Primeros Pasos' education program and medical program have continued to team up and provide health education and mobile clinic services at primary schools in the Palajunoj Valley - including 3 new locations. At each school, students receive classes on preventative health topics as well as medical, dental, and laboratory services. In these past few months, they've visited the communities of Tierra Colorada Alta, Candelaria, and Tierra Colorada Baja. A pharmacy volunteer has also been hard at work making image-based medication labels to help patients at the clinic better understand and adhere to their treatment regimens. The medical team has transitioned to using the labels to more easily communicate to patients how they should take their medications and even updated the prescription pads with the labels! At Primeros Pasos, 4th year Guatemalan medical students, or externos, spend 4 months with the clinic and programs for their family medicine rotation.  One of the projects these students worked on was a survey to gather feedback on perceptions of medical personnel and service in the areas where Primeros Pasos works. At the end of May, the team said good-bye to the first group of students of the year and welcomed a group of 10 new externos to the clinic. You can stay updated on the work we help to fund with our Primeros Pasos partnership by checking out their website or Facebook page! Thanks for helping support such important work!

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