Why we started Yumbutter 

When Yumbutter was launched, the goal was to become one of the most responsible companies on the planet. Now, many years later, we’re proud to lead the nut butter category in impact and innovation. Our B Corporation Certification shows that we walk the walk. 

We’ve continuously pushed the boundaries of the food we make for you and how we run our company. Only the best ingredients are used to fill Yumbutter jars and pouches. Through this careful ingredient sourcing, we support organic, responsible growers and ethical supply chains.

Join us in the movement to make the world a little happier and a little healthier!


Yumbutter is a brand of Tribe 9 Foods, a specialty food company based in Madison, WI. Tribe 9 Foods is dedicated to creating delicious, nourishing, and functional food to improve the lives of others. Visit Tribe 9 Foods to learn more.