For us, everything centers around making mind-blowing nut butters for you. Amazingly scrumptious and tasty nut butters. That’s table stakes. But since day one, it’s been our destiny to go beyond delicious. That starts with clean, ethically sourced ingredients (check ‘em out, here). And it extends to taking our nut butters to the next level with everything from antioxidants to protein – all while delivering taste you'll love!

Our business is rooted in making the world a better place. We don’t put profits ahead of doing good. It’s that simple. We want to make great food and do great things for others.

You can rest easy knowing that for every pouch or jar of Yumbutter you buy, you’re helping provide meals and holistic care to malnourished children and their families, through our Buy One, Help Nourish program. And as a certified B Corporation, we’re held to higher standards. That means, we don’t just say things. We do things that have an impact.



We don’t aimlessly toss around buzz words like “innovation” and “purpose”. Instead, we’d rather take action. We’ve set a clear course driven by three things:

  • Continue to deliver new, supercharged nut butter recipes that not only taste incredible but are incredibly good for you. We’re always looking for unexplored ways to go above and beyond
  • Focus on sustainability at every turn
  • Always search for forward-thinking, high-impact approaches to help our community

Have more questions about our products? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll leave with basically a Ph.D. in Yumbutter.


Yumbutter is a brand of Tribe 9 Foods, a specialty food company based in Madison, WI. Tribe 9 Foods is dedicated to creating delicious, nourishing, and functional food to improve the lives of others. Visit Tribe 9 Foods to learn more.