More about Adrian

Adrian was born at the pinnacle of Wisconsin winter, south of Green Bay, making him a lifetime (lactose-intolerant) cheesehead. Adrian grew up playing sports, and generally running, jumping, climbing and flying in every direction. In college, Adrian played football at Vanderbilt University and earning a Psychology degree. After college, Adrian attended a the Owen Business School’s Business Accelerator program with 30-days of non-stop project consulting for several Fortune 500 companies and joined UBS Wealth Management shortly after. After some reality checks and a desire to make a big difference in the world, Adrian said goodbye to the Market & Portfolios and upstarted his own environmental consulting company, taught English in China, and traveled around Asia for almost a year. With the opportunity to see the lives of others and begin cultivating a deep path towards compassion, Adrian knew his next journey would be steeped in helping create a better world in every way possible.

The nut butter idea had continued to brew and upon landing in Madison, WI after returning to the States, he launched Yumbutter, renting out space in a Bakery kitchen one day per week and selling at over 100 farmers’ markets the first summer.

More about Matt

Matt grew up in Wisconsin Dells in the throes of a hard working entrepreneurial family. He spent a lot of his time playing sports and helping his parents run their property management company. In high school and college, Matt founded and ran his own contracting company with some close friends, quickly applying his business strengths. Matt earned a degree in Human Ecology from UW Madison and won the national championship in Ultimate frisbee as a member of the Wisconsin Hodags. After college, Matt spent a year traveling around Europe exploring off-the-beaten-path locations by jumping on buses he had no idea where they were going. Upon return, he spent some time in Boulder, CO and Southern California deepening his studies of holistic nutrition, wellness, and kinesiology, become a Certified C.H.E.K. Practitioner. Upon returning to Madison, Matt launched a personal training and nutritional rehabilitation company, until he ventured into the food industry by launching a hypernutritious cereal brand called Food Your Body Likes.


Two stories, one big @ss dream!