Chocolicious? Chocoholic? Chocomama? Chocolaterian?

We don't care what you call it, we know you love chocolate. And so do we. Dig in to our chocolate nut butters made with organic dark chocolate for a decadent, yet not overly indulgent treat. Hey, combine protein, health fats, antioxidant rich dark chocolate and we'll eat it everyday.

 Try these delicious dark chocolate peanut butters and almond butters with fruit like apples, bananas, or peaches, drizzled over a refreshing bowl of ice cream, or spread on crackers, toast, and pancakes. 

***HEADS UP // The organic cocoa butter may separate to the top of the jar, since we do not use palm oil to alter separation. We're super sorry, but don't worry - stir the yummy goodness back in and get to spreadin'.

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