Yumbutter Celebrates B Corp Month

We’ve all heard the saying “money talks.” That’s why we believe in people using business as a force for good. In fact, we believe business is one of the most powerful tools we have for widespread social change! We can affect change in both the way we run our business and where we spend our money.  That’s why Yumbutter is proud to be a Certified B Corporation! We are standing alongside hundreds of other companies that have the good of the community, planet, and customers woven into the fabric of how they do business.

B Corp Month

January is B Corp Month, and we've been celebrating by supporting and partnering with other great B Corps! When you purchase from these companies, your money supports charitable causes, environmentally responsible business practices, local community outreach efforts, ethical sourcing methods, and fair treatment of employees and business partners. Because man cannot survive on nut butter alone (if only, right?), we encourage our fans to shop other B Corps whenever possible. And with over 1800 companies certified, it shouldn’t be too hard. ;) So before you head to the store, check out this list of B Corps, and be intentional about where your dollars are going.

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