Meal Prepping Kid Lunches

Meal Prepping Kid Lunches
As summer comes to a close (*tear*), it’s time to start thinking about meal prepping for your kiddos’ lunches. We know that you’re busy and making lunches is not necessarily the most exciting of tasks, so we’re here to help save you time while also nourishing your family. Because you know your child’s appetite and possible dietary restrictions, we’ve put together some versatile meal prepping tips, rather than a list of recipes.

Chop All The Produce

This seems like a no-brainer, but there’s something satisfying about having pre-cut fruits and veggies in the fridge. It makes prepping lunches so much quicker and easier, which is something all mamas can get down with. And just because the produce is prepped doesn’t mean every lunch has to be the same! Feel free switch up which fruits and veggies you include and how you use them. If it’s a super busy week, we recommend buying produce that doesn’t even need cutting! Berries, bananas, and grapes are great options.

Healthy Desserts

While you may not be the “cool mom” that packs your kid a store-bought, preservative-filled treat, you can still provide some tasty desserts. We suggest making a batch of healthy desserts on Sunday to pop in the lunch boxes all week! Some ideas include banana oat barspumpkin muffins, or sweet potato cookies. You can also have the kiddos help make the dessert so that they are more excited about seeing it in their lunch box!

Utilize the Yum

Not to toot our own horn, but our on-the-go pouches are perfect for kids’ lunches. The potions themselves are versatile and can be paired with fruit and veggies or used on a sandwich. You can even have each kid pick out their favorite potion to keep in their lunch box! Cause kids love having something to call “theirs,” right?  Pro tip: Check out Yummy Sprout for lunch box inspiration! Their ideas are so cute, healthy, and many feature our Superfood Potions! You can also use the recipes from our picnic blog here.

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