Indoor Kids Activities to Beat the Summer Heat

When the weather is warm we love to spend as much time outside as possible. Yet, In the summer heat, the pool may be the only desirable outside option. Whether the kiddos are sick of pool days or simply eager for a new activity, we thought we’d provide a few indoor activity ideas to beat those super hot August days!

Beet Print Tote Bags

Beets are not only delicious to eat and packed with nutrients, they can also be used for art! Here’s an entertaining and creative stamping project activity that requires few supplies and no paint!


Blank canvas tote bag Medium Red Beets (about 2 to 4 inches in diameter)


  1. Cut a beet at the cross section into halves
  2. Stamp the raw side onto the tote bag to create patterns
  3. If the beet stops bleeding color, just dip the beet in water, or cut off the dried end and continue to stamp
  4. Have fun creating designs and patterns!

Bird Feeder Craft

If your kiddos love animals, they will love this recycled cardboard bird feeder craft, and enjoy watching the wildlife they attract!


Cardboard toilet paper tube (or paper towel tube cut in half) ½ cup Superfood Peanut Butter Bird seed Valencia peanuts Butter knife Empty box/plate Ribbon (optional)


  1. Spread a thin coat of peanut butter all over the cardboard tube with a butter knife. You may want to put some newspaper, kitchen tissue or parchment paper  down over your work surfaces before you begin to make clearing away easier.
  2. Pour birdseed and peanuts into box or onto an empty plate.
  3. Firmly press the cardboard tube roll on top of the birdseed/peanut mixture rotating it so the seeds adhere to the peanut butter and the tube's entirely covered.
  4. Stand it on an end and leave it to set. Repeat the process for multiple bird feeders!
  5. You can slide the feeders onto bushes and branches outside or stream a ribbon through each and tie the ribbon ends together to hang them onto trees for the birdies to eat.


If hanging the feeders outside, try using a brightly colored ribbon and hang it by a window so the birds can easily find the feeder and the kiddos can watch the different types of birds enjoy a snack!

Indoor Workout

Many agree that frequent physical activity is good for kids but many don't know the benefits it can also have on their self-esteem. To encourage movement, celebrity trainer and spokesman, Kathy Kaehler states kids learn by example: "the best way to encourage exercise for kids is to have them see you working out and to ask them to join you". Thankfully, there are many fun and active ways for kids to shake out their energy and get their bodies moving indoors! Whether this consists of you choreographing them through a workout, creating a routine, or playing an exercise video, you can initiate activity that is healthy and fun!

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