Get the Most Out of Your Produce & Reduce Food Waste

Get the Most Out of Your Produce & Reduce Food Waste
How many times have you thrown away piles of food scraps thinking, "I wish I knew what to do with these"? Probably more than you'd like to admit...and we're with you! So, we've decided to help reduce food waste one carrot peel at a time. Here are some ideas to efficiently use produce, reduce food waste, and get creative in the kitchen!  

Carrot Peels

You've probably had zoodles before, but have you had COODLES? Yes, we just made that name up. But it's exactly what you'd think...carrot noodles! Plop those carrot peels in a pot and make some coodles! Because they're much thinner than zoodles, you'll want to boil them for only a couple minutes. Enjoy with pasta sauce or olive oil and some salt and pepper! Alternate idea: Keep the peels on! They're harmless and tasteless. We recommend simply scrubbing them to remove dirt! #nature


Kale Stems

It's easy to ignore the thick, woody stems of kale when tearing off the attractive leaves. Luckily, our friends at The Kitchn have put together an amazing article with 7 ways to use kale stems! From blending into a smoothie to roasting kale stems, they have got you covered! :)  

Beet Greens

Depending on where you buy your beets, there may have a luscious bunch of beet greens attached. They're very pretty but unfortunately wilt quite quickly. They are, however, a great source of antioxidants, potassium, and vitamins C and K! To make use of them before they go bad, here are two ideas: 1) Toss them in a smoothie! You can use them fresh, or freeze them for later use! Use them like you would any other green in a smoothie. 2) Throw them in a salad! Because of their mild flavor, beet greens are great to toss in a salad to get some extra nutrients. Check out this recipe that uses both beets and beet greens!  

Everything Else (seriously)

Make a vegetable stock! Anything from carrot ends to apple cores can be thrown in a pan to make a nutritious, cost-effective vegetable stock! Since you probably won't have enough scraps right away to make a stock, you can gather and freeze the scraps until you have several cups! The end result is perfect to use in soups, to cook lentils or quinoa in, or freeze for later use. Here's some guidance on making vegetable stock!  


When all else fails...compost! You can compost essentially all organic food waste. If you have an at-home compost pile or have access to a city one, we recommend using your food waste for compost! That way it can be used to grow more delicious produce. :)

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