Fueled by Yumbutter: Meet Daniel Hamilton

Yumbutter is proud to fuel some super rad athletes who not only kick major butt on the field (or road, or mountain, or wherever they may be) but also embody the values that Yumbutter is built on. This week, we’ll be telling their stories and getting the inside scoop on what fuels their passion for what they do.

Daniel Hamilton - Ultrarunner

Daniel Hamilton Some background please: Daniel is one of our longest-running (pun super intended) sponsored athletes, but his passion for running started long before we knew him. He grew up in East Africa at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and now resides in Tennessee where he runs some of the most challenging races and has become one of the top ultra-runners in the country. On how he got started running: “I raced my first time when I was 12 years old. It was a run bike and I rode a BMX bike with pegs. I also got in trouble for boxing the dude in second out of a corner instead of kicking to the finish. I guess you could say that I have always been kind of competitive,” Dan said. “I’ve always had a passion for competition, but was at a point that going to college didn’t look good monetarily. I was also getting in trouble at school a lot,” Dan says. “Once I started running, I had a way to channel my energy in a positive way. Running got me through high school, college, and through a disappointing stint in special operations training.”
“Once I started running, I had a way to channel my energy in a positive way."
On his motivation for running and his aspirations: Realizing how running helped him turn his own life around, Dan’s passion is now to bring the importance of athletics back into schools and pass what he’s learned living in both Tanzania and the U.S. to the next generation. “My motivation is to show students that being dedicated is still cool. Also that discomfort is something that can mature you. A lot of kids miss out on that in this great country we live in. Compared to things I saw in Africa, we’re doing okay.” When he’s not running: As if training for 50+ - mile races isn’t enough, Dan has gone on to get two masters degrees and recently began his first job as a high school guidance counselor. He’s also going to be coaching track and cross country, tying together many of his dreams into one role. Daniel Hamilton, Ultrarunner Why Yumbutter? “Yumbutter is the only brand that I rep that brings in the CEOs' love of travel and efficiency. This food really is the easiest way to get all the nutrition you need after a workout really quickly. What’s not to love!” Favorite Yumbutter Potion? “I love the almond butter! It’s amazing and makes a great addition to the smoothies that I drink everyday! The perfect amount of fat very quickly is a necessity. I also use it to make friends, haha!” (We do the same thing!)   Have questions for Daniel? You can contact him at danielhamilton24@gmail.com or hit him up @danham88 on Instagram.  

Stop back tomorrow to learn about Nartaya, another one of our incredible sponsored athletes!


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