7 Plants to Buy if You Don’t Have a Green Thumb

7 Plants to Buy if You Don’t Have a Green Thumb
We're not all born to garden, but darn can we try! We've curated a list of easy plants to grow if you weren't #blessed with a green thumb. Green your home with an easy-to-maintain plant or two.

1. Spider Plant

The name suggests otherwise, but this is a cute lil' houseplant! It's also one of the easiest and most adaptable plants to grow, making it perfect for gardening noobs (or the lazy, no judgement here). This baby just needs moist soil, room temperatures, and medium light. #easy



2. Boston Fern

This one is a little harder to care for than the spider plant, but still v. manageable. The key to maintaining a Boston fern is providing humidity. We're assuming you don't prefer a humid household, so you can simply place the fern atop a tray of pebbles with water! Plus, this adds a decorative touch. Talk about a win-win.


3. Snake Plant

Again, creepy name for a not-so-creepy plant. The snake plant has often been deemed the "most likely to survive neglect" plant, so use that info as you will. They can survive low light levels, drought, AND help clean the air in your home. Snake plant, you da real MVP.


4. Bromeliad

This is a cousin of the pineapple... need we say more? They're also pretty easy to care for, and like the snake plant, are tolerant of drought. In fact, they're better at withstanding drought than being over-watered, so less is more with these cutie pies!


5. English Ivy

English Ivy likes to climb, so it's a great hanging plant! They like moist soil and cool temperatures - they're a pretty chill plant. English Ivy looks great hanging from the ceiling or draped down a mantle. Or you can let it grow all over your living room, that'd be pretty neat.


6. Aloe

Stylish and functional plant? Sign us up! Aloe has uses beyond the dreaded sunburn remedy. It has antioxidants and antibacterial properties to help canker sores, burns, relieve constipation, and even improve dental health! Aloe is a succulent and does well in dry and sunny conditions.


7. Herbs

Edible plants are the best plants. Did you know you can grow herbs right in your windowsill?! Back to the Roots offers amazingly easy herb gardens! You literally plant seeds in a can, water them occasionally, and get fresh herbs! I'm speaking from experience, people. They're great - check them out!

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