5 Fall Hikes in the Midwest With Some Serious Foliage Views

5 Fall Hikes in the Midwest With Some Serious Foliage Views
We're quickly approaching peak colors for fall foliage in much of the country, and while you could take a drive to take in the beautiful scenery, we're all about getting up close and personal with our foliage. Everyone knows the Northeast boasts some spectacular fall colors, as does Colorado. But we put together a list of 5 fall hikes in the Midwest - Yumbutter's birth-region - so all of you in the breadbasket of America (or those looking to get away from the coast) can enjoy some autumn foliage with the best of 'em.

Devil's Lake State Park, WI

Of course we had to start with a hike from Yumbutter's homeland. Devil's Lake State Park offers 29 miles of hiking trails for all skill levels, including sections that are part of the Ice Age Trail. The trails will take you through forests, along bluffs overlooking the lake, and to unique rock formations.

Hocking Hills, OH

Hiking in this state park is like a choose-your-own-adventure - but with incredible fall colors. Waterfalls, caves, cliffs… you name the hiking feature, they've got it!

North Country Trail/Porcupine Mountains, MI

Overlooking Lake of the Clouds in the Upper Peninsula, this hike has a waterfall almost every mile! Plus, the overlooks give you a perfect vantage point to get the full effect of all those gorgeous leaves.

Afton State Park, MN

Come to Afton State Park for the foliage, stay for the views of the St. Croix River, rolling glacial moraine, and bluffland that make it unique.

Pike's Peak, IA

At Pikes Peak State Park, you can enjoy the view from a 500-foot bluff overlooking the Upper Mississippi River, and check out fossil remains, Bridal Veil falls, and limestone formations along the way. Plus - duh - all the red, yellow, and orange trees you could ask for.

And a bonus for those who enjoy a more leisurely stroll: Lake Geneva, WI

Named one of the top spots in the country to see fall colors, Lake Geneva offers a 21-mile path around the entire shoreline of the lake where you can take in the beauty of the colors, the gorgeous lake, and the beautiful old mansions. The path is mostly flat, though it's not paved the entire way so you'll want to bring your walking shoes! Not up for 21 miles? Just walk a section of it, and head back inside for some cocoa or some Espresso Peanut Butter.   So go lace up those hiking boots, put on your warmest moisture-wicking shirt, fill your thermos with something warm, and hit up one of these fall hikes in the Midwest!

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