3 Lawsuit-Free Ways to Spread the Love at Work

3 Lawsuit-Free Ways to Spread the Love at Work

With Corresponding Bitmojis, Memes, and Suggested Readings!

If there’s one holiday that is more applicable to the Yumbutter team than National Peanut Butter Day, it’s most definitelyValentine’s Day. Because it’s officially time to spread the love, yo! And as a certified B Corp, you know that’s one of our very favorite hobbies! [caption id="attachment_1301" align="alignright" width="197"] Project Extraordinaire, Mackenzie[/caption] In addition to your Valentine’s Day plans with your red hot luvah, we also encourage you to bring a heart full of love into your office. Why? Well, the average American adult spends 47.5 hours in their office each and every week-- more time than they spend at home with their official significant others! This means the emotional well being of your workplace affects your life, and your love life in a major way. Happy (work) wife, happy life! So, in our quest to build a better world, we present three ways to spread the love to your work fam without getting nailed with a lawsuit. Each suggestion is inspired by the cutting edge love-spreading experts at Yumbutter. Enjoy!

1. Leveraging The Language of Love

Suggested reading: Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages [caption id="attachment_1299" align="alignleft" width="177"] Love Coordinator, Alana[/caption] A love language is your preferred method of emotional communication. Learning the language of love is by far the quickest route to bilingual status and get LinkedIn endorsements. Jokes aside, your love language is how your metaphorical love cup is filled to the brim most efficiently. Leveraging the 5 Love Languages will help you connect with your office mates (and significant other, ha) on a deeper level. First, let’s break these new age lingos down and see how you can make your colleagues feel most loved and valued.

Language #1: Acts of Service 

This one can be summarized by this quote: “Let me do that for you”. An act of service is any kind of action that makes life easier for the other person. Your office mate who is notorious for taking on other’s work is visibly overwhelmed and drowning in a sea of papers (just kidding, that reference is obsolete...her Google Drive is running out of storage space?) You could recognize this, and slyly say, “I would love to take that off your plate so you can leave the office before 7pm”. Now watch that love gas gauge soar! You officially just spread the love. 

Language #2: Quality Time

Quality time is all about undivided attention and being with someone. Love Coordinator Alana suggests using the lunch hour for this one. Ask your quality-time-craving office friend, “Wanna eat lunch together?” and then spend 12:00pm-12:30pm enraptured in conversation sans your mobile devices.

Language #3: Words of Affirmation

#UnsolicitedCompliments like “Wow, you absolutely crushed that presentation!”. Words of affirmation and telling someone they’re great can be one potent love bomb. Noticing someone and then verbalizing it. Boom. Easy.

Language #4: Gifts

Gifts laden with love, thoughtfulness, and effort are a fail-proof way to overwhelm a fella with loooooove. For someone who identifies with this love language, a gift is a symbol of affection. An example of this in the office: You to your colleague who collects magnets: “Bye. I’m going to Zambia”. Your colleague who collects magnets: “Have fun. Bye.” You upon return: “Dude, I got you this magnet from a tourist shop in Zambia. It says Zambia”. Your colleague: Can’t even handle the love bomb. Bursts into tears. Get wrapping if you want to spread the love, yo!

Language #5: Physical Touch

Nope. Don’t go here between the hours of 8am-6pm.

2. Nothing says, “I love you in a very appropriate way” than nutritious office snacks.

[caption id="attachment_1295" align="alignright" width="198"] Chief, Matt D'Amour[/caption] Suggested reading: Eat Complete by Drew Ramsey, MD Love bomb the common spaces in your office with delicious, nutritious, high quality food! By the way, the official definition of love bomb is to drop heaps of love on your friends in the form of food. That’s what Yumbutter Chief Matt D’Amour does on a daily basis. One time, I left my office for a meeting and returned to find a homemade energy ball (a spin on this Yumbutter recipe) sneakily placed on my laptop's track pad. He’s also the one who put infinite love in every pouch of Yumbutter. Seriously, check out the ingredients! Here are some suggestions for B Corp. certified food companies who spread the love with their amazing values and food. Bhatki Chai: Micro-brewed authentic Indian Masala tea with fair trade ingredients and tons of antioxidants Dang: Whole Thai coconut chips toasted to perfection! Purely Elizabeth: Delicious, certified gluten-free oats and organic ancient grain and superfood seed granola. Bonus points for being a member of  1% Percent for The Planet Teatulia: Organic teas that are not only cultivated by natural processes, but serve as a platform for community improvement. And of course, Yumbutter. Check our Valentine-appropriate potion: Chocolate Espresso Peanut Butter!

3. Create Space for Love

Suggested reading: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell [caption id="attachment_1293" align="alignleft" width="126"] Yumtern, Kaitlyn[/caption] This one is especially applicable if you’re the new kid in the office or if you’re chronically shy. Been there. Done that. Without directly engaging with your work fam, you can create a more loving, fun environment for them to cohabitate with you. Our very first Yumtern, Kait, suggests decking your cubicle out with plants, quotes, family photos, embarrassing photos, photos of your childhood pet, punny bumper stickers, or swag representing a cause you’re passionate about. Further, this is way to let your work fam get to know you in a passive way first. Your space says a lot about you. In fact, psychologist Samuel Gosling has shown that a stranger is able to judge your conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to new experiences as well as some of  your closest friends can, just by examining your bedroom for a few minutes! You can send the message you want to send, from the comfort of your cubicle.

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